The 4 Step Plan to Doing Good on Good Deeds Day

Mark your calendars for March 9!

Feb 23, 2014

A group of volunteers on Good Deeds Day 2013

Are you an avid planet saver? Compassionate about other people? Good Deeds Day, coming up March 9, 2014 is your chance to give of yourself for the benefit of others and the planet.
Here are four super easy ways for you to take part in Good Deeds Day.


Saving the planet and brightening up someone’s day just became a lot easier with Good Deeds Day free good doing accessories. Answer three fun and easy questions to discover your accessory for doing good - and you'll get delivered to your doorstep for free.
What's in store? 
Eco Shopper - a premium canvas tote that makes each trip to the supermarket a kinder one to the environment.
The Good Bag – a transparent bag with a sleek design that gives second hand goods a new life.
Snacker Packer - a reusable goodie bag to pack your lunches and treats, reducing plastic and waste.
Words of Magic – an inspiring collection of greeting cards that will make someone smile. 


Will you let a stranger ahead of you in line? How about keeping an elderly person company? These are just some of the pledges that everyday folks are making for Good Deeds Day. Join the rich tapestry of acts of goodness and kindness by making a pledge.


If you are looking for something incredible to do on March 9, organizations Catchafire and VolunteerMatch can help! Catchafire’s focus is on skill-based volunteering, connecting professionals to nonprofits who are in need of their expertise. VolunteerMatch’s location-based volunteer opportunities let you search by zip code to see what organizations in your area could use an extra pair of hands.


Take the lead and tailor-design your own Good Deeds Day experience! The Good Deeds Day team is on hand and happy to assist in helping organizations create a customized volunteer opportunity. From urban gardening projects to reading stories to local children, Good Deeds Day can help you plan a fun and meaningful volunteer experience that you’ll never forget! 

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