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A beautiful site visualizes chronology

Jun 6, 2013

Image: Screenshot from Here is Today

Like staring up at the stars on a clear night and contemplating the relative puniness of our human existence? Here is Today gives a striking graphic depiction of how we fit into the annals of time.
Created by UK-based designer Luke Twyman, aka Whitevinyl, the interactive HTML5 site zooms in and out, giving a visual representation of where "today" fits in this month, year, century and millennium… all the way back to this era and this eon. It also provides interesting information at each stage, for example did you know that we're currently in the Cenozoic geologic era?
But it doesn't stop there. Keep clicking and you'll see when fish, insects and reptiles come into the story, back to the beginning of the universe 4540 million years ago.
From a graphic point of view we love "Here is Earth" - 4.6 billion years ago – which features shooting stars across the screen. Click back and forth through the presentation to get the best effect.

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