100 Days to Accomplish Your Dream Goal

The site to tackle your passions by documenting your progress daily

May 28, 2014

Screenshot of Giveit100

You might have heard of Karen; she became a YouTube viral sensation after she documented her attempt to master the art of dance in 365 days. The popular video, which culminates in her beautiful execution of movement and rhythm, sparked a lot of interest and inspired her to help others by creating the online app Giveit100.
The premise behind the site is to challenge you to learn a new skill in 100 days or more, while recording the progress every step of the way. The site is chock full of inspiration: from people intent on mastering different languages, to enthusiasts achieving fitness goals through to aspiring parents learning how to raise their children. Each video is only 10 seconds long with the final 100 day video being a full minute. Users can add comments that elaborate on their progress, and even gain a support team of online friends as they journey through their end goals. The website is a glorious demonstration of hard work, determination and passion towards goal achievement - showing it is, in fact, possible. All it takes is 100 days. 

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