Sustainable Seafood for Lovers of the Sea

I Love Blue Sea caters to seafoodies who care.

Sustainable sushi.

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It's so fitting that a business run by and that caters for lovers of the ocean and its crop is called, i love blue sea.  
i love blue sea sells sustainable seafood with a lot of love to customers, sellers, seafood and - the ocean. The company - which was started and is operated by a crew of fishermen, surfers and entrepreneurs - has created relationships with seafood growers and fishermen who run their own boats and source fresh seafood. i love blue sea cuts out the middleman by serving as the connection between customer and seller, verifying the quality and sustainability of the seafood. 
I love blue sea buys exclusively from sustainable aquaculture businesses, that run their businesses with responsibility and respect to the sea and the environment. In the end, customers get only the freshest of the fresh straight to their doorstep, with free shipping available throughout the US. [Source: I Love Blue Sea]

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