A Photography Co-Op that is Beautiful Inside and Out

Stocksy is a fair marketplace of photos


Image: screenshot of Stocksy, featuring a photo by Lumina

Sometimes, it’s the creators and artists who get the smaller slice of the cake. Such is the case with photographers who sell their images on stock photo websites, and end up with a mere fraction of the sale. Stocksy aims to change that - with courage and innovation.
A cooperative owned by photographers, Stocksy sells royalty free licenses at favorable terms for the artists: 50% of the standard issues purchase (compared to 20-45% of the royalties other websites pay) and 100% of an extended license purchase. That's not all: since Stocksy is a cooperative jointly owned by the selling artists, photographers also get a share of the profits at the end of the year.
The brainchild of Bruce Livingstone, founder of iStockphoto (which was sold to Getty Images), Stocksy is self termed 'sustainable stock photography'. The platform aims to pay photographers as much as possible for good artwork - maybe even offer them a second helping of the cake. Delish! [Source: Stocksy]

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