Proving that Everything is Recyclable

TerraCycle turns waste into consumer goods.

Recycling at its best.

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What started as a small startup that used worm droppings to produce organic fertilizer, has flourished into TerraCycle- a company that turns unwanted waste into new usable products. Standing by their motto, Eliminate the Idea of Waste, TerraCycle makes new use of almost anything under the sun; even drink pouches and toothbrushes are repurposed into consumer goods.
The social enterprise works with over 100 major brands in the US and in 22 countries abroad, collecting waste that would otherwise be on its way to the planet-polluting alternative - the landfill. Individuals can get involved too by joining one of the national Brigade Programs that collect and send specific waste products straight to TerraCycle. Once shipments are received, participants are eligible for TerraCycle points that can be redeemed for a selection of charitable gifts or a donation to a non-profit or school of choice. 
TerraCycle offers a chance to show our planet true love - and we're happy to give it in handfuls.  [Source: TerraCycle]

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