4 Inspirational Social Media Campaigns

Organizations doing good, online [VIDEOS]

Environment on social media videos

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We all know a successful social media campaign when we see it - the type of thing you instantly want to interact with, talk about and share. Brands, NGOs and politicians alike all use new media tools to spread their various messages - over Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and new platforms popping up every day. The organizations below did it right - and not just because they made their message spread. They passed on powerful ideas which help make the world a better place.

 Organizing for Action, a non-profit established to support US President Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign.
WHY: To encourage Americans - especially first-time voters - to vote in the November 2012 elections.
WHAT: A public action campaign which asked supporters to choose one of their reasons for voting, write it on their hand and then pledge to vote. Participants were asked to share photos on Twitter or Instagram, with the hashtag #forall, from the last line of the US Pledge of Allegiance: “with liberty and justice for all.”

WHO: Charity:water, an NGO which aims to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world.
WHY: To raise both funds and awareness for forest conservation.
WHAT: Bike4Water, a bicycle race across the USA to raise money for drinking water projects, mainly in developing countries. In this particular special story, two participants - Katie Spotz and Sam Williams - rallied their friends to help out with the journey after Katie broke her pelvis and needed to switch from a regular bike to a handbike.


Dove, the personal care brand owned by Unilever.
WHY: To foster a wider definition of beauty, challenge beauty stereotypes, invite women to join a discussion about beauty and make beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety.
WHAT: The Campaign for Real Beauty raises awareness of the findings of The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report. The effort began in 2004, and has included advertising campaigns, educational toolkits and downloadable resources. In this breathtaking clip from the 2013 campaign, women are asked to describe their facial features to a forensic sketch artist. A likeness is sketched solely on the basis of the women’s descriptions as the two parties are separated by a curtain and cannot see one another. The clip gets even more interesting as each of the women is asked to befriend a fellow participant who will later give their own description of their partner’s physical appearance. The differences in the two sketches are striking, reflecting how off-kilter our self perception can be when it comes to our looks.

 The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an international NGO which aims to “fight anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defend democratic ideals and protect civil rights.
WHY: To mark the ADL’s Centennial Year in 2013.
WHAT: The "Imagine a World Hatred" campaign. A moving clip to John Lennon’s “Imagine,” depicting what the world could look like today if victims of hate violence such as Anne Frank, Martin Luther King and Harvey Milk were still alive. Alongside the video, the ADL launched an action campaign including social media posts and public announcements, to raise awareness of the consequences of unchecked hatred and prejudice.