7 Videos to Watch with Your Kids

Good clean entertainment for summer [VIDEO]

Jul 16, 2013

Image from Flickr user Wayan Vota

Now that school’s out for the summer - your kids have a ton more free time and are looking for things to do.  After scouring the web for some quality entertainment, we’ve gleaned the following seven animated shorts, which are not only adorable, but meticulously made and thought provoking.  Watch these with your kids - they’ll love it and you will too.

In this comical 3D animated film, a man is stranded on a deserted island, far from
civilization. Looking for food and shelter, he encounters a local bird that leads him to a
very unexpected place.

Video created by: Donia Liechti

If you are looking for a dose of good, this delightful clip should be first on your cue.
The book Make Magic! Do Good! by Dallas Clayton comes to life in this simple yet sweet
video, which speaks of the importance of being true to yourself and giving to others.

Video created by: Dallas Clayton

After a long day, a tired man comes home and sluggishly starts preparing himself
dinner. Lucky for him, his adoring and helpful dog is there to make sure that his owner
eats well!  Love equals food in this wonderful clip that will make you laugh out loud.

Video created by: Madeline Sharafian

Dive into the deep end with this exquisite animated short that takes you on a
kaleidoscopic journey through the clouds.

Video created by: Paris Mavroidis

This creative and humorous clip imagines a wildlife oasis where all of the animals are rotund. The roly poly creatures fumble and flop as they try and adjust their behaviors to their disproportionate body sizes.  

Video created by: ROLLIN’ WILD 

Kids have an opportunity to be exposed to one of the most iconic singer-songwriters
of our time -  the great Mr. Bob Dylan.  Dylan is also the author of a children’s book
titled Forever Young - a song by the same name is featured in the clip and brought to
life with whimsy by illustrator Paul Rogers.

Video created by: Simon Schuster

Fishing with a banana apparently lures the biggest fish in the sea as seen in this creative award winning clip. Prepare to hold your breath as one boy experiences a fascinating underwater world while making a new friend along the way.

Video created by: GOBELINS, l'école de l'image