The Furry Robot that Heals

An innovative type of therapy in the form of a stuffed animal

Furry stuffed aninal.

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Sweet, cute, fuzzy animals- already making you smile just thinking about it, right? For good reason - friendly and furry creatures not only bring people joy but are commonly used as therapeutic aides to assist the elderly, trauma victims and individuals dealing with serious illnesses.
In cases when a live animal isn’t available, there is a solution –Paro the interactive robot. In the form of an adorable seal, Paro is equipped with five different sensors that enhance its ability to connect with and heal people. Quite lifelike, the fluffy robot has a moveable body, makes cute seal sounds and responds to the touch and voice of individuals, adapting its behavior to suit the user.
Masterminded by the Japanese company AIST, Paro is becoming a friendly fixture at senior citizens homes throughout the United States and Europe. [Source: Paro]

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