Turning Corner Stores into Healthy Food Havens

An initiative to offer nutritious foodstuffs.

Healthy food in a quick shop store.

(BearFotos / Shutterstock.com)

Local corner stores, infamous for their wide variety of sweets and junk food, are on the brink of a health revolution. Oftentimes, the corner store is the singular food shopping destination as large supermarkets are located far away from urban areas, resulting in limited healthy food options.
The Healthy Corner Store Initiative, spearheaded by the national nonprofit The Food Trust, is changing the culture of corner stores by providing healthy and nutritious food options to local communities. The program works with convenience store owners by educating them on the benefits of healthy food, and assisting them with the purchasing, marketing and selling of the good-for-you merchandise. Now active in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the Healthy Corner Store Initiative also offers in-store educational programming about nutrition as well as connecting corner store owners to community partners, local farmers and fresh food suppliers.  
This healthy trend will hopefully bring about a change for local corner stores, transforming them from junk food havens into fresh food paradises. [Source: Healthy Corner Stores Network ]

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