Places that Work for Work

How to Beat the Freelancing Blues

If you’re new to the freelancing business, you probably need a space to work that is, ahem, not your unmade bed.
If you’re a veteran of the freelancing business, you probably need a change from the same cafe you’ve been going to in the past however long (poor coffee, impossible wifi password, dirty toilet, rude waitress? yup, that’s the one!).
Most important of all: you definitely need to break the spell of loneliness that is the curse of the solitary freelancer.
If you happen to live in London, Let’s Meet and Work shines a social light for the lonely freelancer: just hop on the website, where Londoners share recommendations about places to work at - cafes, museums, libraries - plus offer to meet and chat between hectic strikes on the keyboard. All hot spots are marked on a Google Map of London - an easy-breezy way to make friends and business contacts.