The 24-Hour Guide to Ultimate Productivity [VIDEO]

Minute-by-minute tips on how to be your most productive self - in a perfect moving infographic.

Dec 4, 2014


The productivity masters at Fast Company are full of creative, scientific facts to boost your output - particularly in the office setting. From the best time to drink coffee to incorporating meditation into your daily routine, these hints and tips are sure to get you well on your way to being your most productive self. This video does the work of collecting these tidbits for you - sewing them together into a minute-by-minute guide to getting the most out of your day at the office.
Here’s a taste of the boosted productivity schedule to try today:

The night before: Plan out your clothes and lunch
6am: Wake up and jot down your creative thoughts
6:30am: Meditate
8am: Get to work early
8:30am: Avoid the internet and email
9:30am: Have a cup of coffee
12pm: Charge your devices
12:30pm: Lunch away from your desk
4pm: Call someone you love for an instant energy boost
5pm: Check tomorrow’s calendar
5:30pm: Set your priorities for tomorrow
10pm: Read
11pm: Lights out

Don’t work in a traditional office setting? Take what you can from the cute moving infographic and adapt the rest to your daily schedule to make the most out of every minute.

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