The 24-Hour Guide to Doing Good

Perform good deeds around the clock that are integrated into your daily schedule.

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There are only so many hours in a day to get things done, and while lives can get busy, there is always an opportunity to insert a bit of good doing along the way. This 24-hour guide goes over a typical day of typical tasks, which can be enhanced by performing a good deed - for yourself, others and the planet.


7:30 am
Wake up, brush the sleepy sand out of your eyes and, before you hop out of bed, take two minutes to list five things you are grateful for in your life. Giving thanks is scientifically proven to improve emotional and physical well being. Opening the morning with a simple thank you will start your day on a positive note.

8:00 am
After getting ready, make yourself a hearty breakfast that will provide you with energy to start the day. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out what people around the world eat for breakfast.

8:30 am
When you’re ready to head to work, start giving back to the planet by finding an alternative mode of transportation like biking or carpooling and car sharing.

9:00 am
You arrive to your place of work and go to fix yourself a cup of coffee. Instead of making one, prepare two and treat your colleague to a steamy cup of coffee. The unexpected gesture will jumpstart both of your mornings, combining caffeine and good spirits.

woman waking up in bed

Wake up with a smile on your face. (otnaydur /]


12:00 pm

Your stomach is growling - it’s time to eat lunch. Studies have found that eating lunch at your desk can limit creativity and increase stress, so lunch with your coworkers. Make it a point to talk about positive topics outside of work and also bring enough food to share.

2:30 pm
Short breaks are important and if you sit at a desk, it’s time that you got up and got some fresh air. Take quick stroll outside and be sure to smile at three strangers – spread some joy. 

4:00 pm
Instead of checking out your Facebook, make a pledge to do a good deed for someone else in honor of Good Deeds Day on March 15. The fun platform allows you to share your promise on social media, and even sends out a personalized reminder ahead of the big day. 

Be a positive force in the office by lending a hand to colleagues. (tamarabegucheva /


6:30 pm
After work you might need to buy some groceries or run a couple of errands. While time is a precious commodity, there could be someone else in a real rush that needs to book it home in a hurry. Let your gracious side show by allowing a stranger to go ahead of you in line.

7:30 pm
After creating your dinner masterpiece, snap a photo of your meal to post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the #mealforameal hashtag, resuling in a real meal being delivered to someone in need.

8:00 pm
Scope your clutter situation in your house and do a quick sweep of your living space. Pay attention to items that you can recycle like papers, plastics and even old electronics and make sure they go to the right destination.

9:30 pm
Give a loved one a phone call to see how their day went. Be sure to make it a supportive phone call, full of good energy by being conscious of the words you use and your tone of voice.

recycling bottles

Help Mother Earth out by recycling responsibly. (spwidoff /


10:30 pm
If you wash up in the evening after a long and full day, conserve your water usage by taking a shower, not a bath, and limiting your time to a 15 minutes.

11:00 pm
Now it’s time to get cozy and perhaps read a book before you doze off into dreamland. Your good night’s sleep can be translated into finding cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s with the free Android app Power of Sleep that uses your smartphone’s unused processing power and directs it to the University of Vienna servers to aid with research.

woman sleeping in a bed

Get a good night's sleep in order to activate your goodness the next day! (Nenad Aksic /

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