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The Brooklyn Brainery is Smart in More than One Way

Jan 13, 2012

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With the onslaught of online education platforms, it’s safe to say that the way education is perceived and conveyed is undergoing dramatic changes. Right now, breakthrough ideas are mainly in the turf of extra-curricular activities, but we believe that at some point these will pave the way for more original thought in the public school system, colleges and universities.
In the meantime, let’s enjoy the quirky options available for adults, such as the Brooklyn Brainery. Dedicated to community-driven education, the Brooklyn Brainery offers a slew of courses given by anyone who’s got something to teach, in topics that are crowdsourced. This inside-out Democratic approach to education rules over the Brainery’s studio in Brooklyn, where classes run the gamut from Calligraphy to Winter Cocktails, and even titillate the senses of ultra-brainy types who love to read Shakespeare.
At roughly $10-$30 per class, the Brooklyn Brainery is committed to accessible education - which makes this venture smart in more than one way.