36 Countries Give Kids a Chance to Make a Change

Giving kids the opportunity to take charge

Jun 13, 2012

Image: from the Design for Change website

Design for Change is a global movement that believes in the power of children to generate positive change - provided that this power is nurtured and fostered. Founded by Kiran Bir Sethi, Design for Change started in the Riverside school in India's Ahmedabad. It has since expanded into a global network that spans 36 countries, including Spain, South Africa and Israel, where DFC is adopted as part of Good Deeds Day.
The message of Design for Change is attractive: giving young people an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world, and put them into action. The mission is achieved in schools in four steps: feel, imagine, do and share, granting children the opportunity to take charge and make a real difference.
Design for Change now holds a challenge that calls for submissions of one idea, executed in one week, to change the lives of a billion people. Ambitious. Winners will be announced November 14.

Cut to the chase here: www.dfcworld.com

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