Online Solution for New Year's Resolutions

RFG is a Do-Good Resolutions Board

Jan 14, 2012

2012 is already in full spring, but resolutions are always a fitting way to boost motivation. One trick to make you stick by them, is to let the world know that you're up to the task, up front, out loud. But what if all this motivational power and good spirits could be used to do good for someone else?  
Enter Resolutions for Good, a website that enables people to make resolutions that involve good-doing for other people. A quick perusal of RFG unfolds the good spirits of people like Maureen, who pledged to help her sister become a rockstar, or Vivian, who will dedicate this year to help her parents lead a healthier lifestyle. Admittedly, some quirkier pledges make their way onto RFG (like the guy who dedicated 2012 to Lady Gaga, promising to buy all of her album that he had downloaded illegally) - but these only make this online do-good resolution board even more authentic.
RFG is the brainchild of TBD; in fact, it's TBD's resolution to make 2012 all about good-doing.