True Color

Yayoi Kusama’s stunning installation celebrates playful fun

Feb 2, 2012

Some of life's simplest pleasures - splashing color and celebrated playfulness - are the key elements of Yayoi Kusama's stunning installation, The Obliteration Room, currently on view at the Queensland Art Gallery.
Get this:
The museum’s entire Children's Art Gallery was transformed into a completely white-washed space, divided into several domestic-style rooms, complete with furniture and accessories. These spaces were washed in pristine white, floor to ceiling. But not for long; children guests were invited to “obliterate” the white sanctity, with thousands of colored dot stickers, which they splashed all over the place. The result is a fascinating, color-filled work of art, that triggers the naughty, playful kid inside: Who hasn't been told a thousand times never to color or put stickers on the wall? This is the glorified back-talk we were never allowed.
More awesome visuals available on Stuart Addelsee's Flickr set.  
Oh, and for those who find it a tad complicated to go all the way to Australia, check out Yayoi Kusama’s World of Dots: the interactive rendition - i.e., an online game - will keep children stimulated from afar.
Exhibit closes March 11, 2012.