4 Food Sharing Sites That Bring People Together [LIST]

The world is one big dinner table, thanks to these amazing food sharing initiatives that are connecting strangers to incredible dining experiences.


Friends eating Asian food together

Friends and strangers sharing a meal. (manpeppe / Shutterstock.com)

Opening your home to a stranger for a meal might have sounded weird 20 years ago, but today it is becoming increasingly popular. A common denominator for unifying individuals from all across the globe, food falls right into the collaborative consumption model that is based on sharing, with some modern assistance by the Internet. Get to know these four inspiring food sharing platforms that are taking the social activity of dining to new levels by connecting perfect strangers to unique and unforgettable dining experiences. Bon Appétit!


CONCEPT: An open marketplace of alternative and exotic dining experiences in houses across the globe.
ANOTHER MORSEL: EatWith is on the gourmet end of peer to peer dining and offers top-notch meals in over 150 cities in the world. The platform is an excellent way to get to know new people - whether you are traveling or a local yourself. EatWith differs from other food sharing sites as it scrupulously vets the hosts, making sure they provide a quality dining experience, from savory food to a welcoming and beautiful atmosphere. Guests also need to be approved by hosts, along with paying a fee for the meal which comes out to be cheaper - and a lot more fun - than going to a fancy restaurant.
TASTE SAMPLES: Pop over to Peru for a Peruvian feast or Italy for a family meal on the countryside of Siena.


CONCEPT: Combine LinkedIn with lunch and you have the new networking platform Let’sLunch.
ANOTHER MORSEL: Straight out of Silicon Valley, Let’sLunch focuses on face-to-face meetings to expand professional business networks. Let’sLunch plays matchmaker by using information from members’ LinkedIn profiles to set up power lunches with like-minded individuals in related fields.
SAMPLE TASTE: Convenience is key, so Let’s Lunch selects a restaurant or café that is within close distance to the diners. Particularly active in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York, Let’sLunch is now live in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand and growing.

Business lunch with three colleagues

Power lunch it by networking with fellow professionals in your field. (Photographee.eu / Shutterstock.com)


CONCEPT: The go-to site for travelers looking to experience authentic and local meals off the beaten path.
ANOTHER MORSEL: Customized food experiences await intrepid travelers who are looking for a dose of bona fide local culture. Traveling Spoon operates in 35 cities throughout Asia, personally vetting all the hosts to ensure a memorable meal. What differentiates Traveling Spoon from other food sharing platforms is that they offer such packages as cooking class plus a meal, in addition to a visit to the market, cooking class and meal. The specialized experiences are open to individual travelers or small groups.
TASTE SAMPLES: Moni from India opens her home to those looking for a taste of true Punjabi cooking or fly to Bali to learn how to cook a traditional Balinese meal.


CONCEPT: No frills home cooked meals in over 450 cities worldwide.
ANOTHER MORSEL: Hosts open their homes to guests who are looking to enjoy some tasty local grub. Invitees can round up friends to join in on the meal or arrive solo and meet cool new people at the dinner table. Guests are encouraged to bring a gift to the host, or chip in with a suggested amount of money.
TASTE SAMPLES: Chicago is home to a yummy sounding Belgian waffle brunch or for those in the Sao Paulo area, join in on tasty lunch or dinner with an authentic Brazilian touch.