A 40-Minute Crash Course in Mindfulness Meditation [LISTEN]

What is mindfulness? And how do you do it? This three-part interview breaks it down.

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The ripple effect of mindfulness

The ripple effect of mindfulness (Dustin McCollum / Shutterstock.com) 

It’s 2015, and mindfulness is everywhere. It’s being taught in workplaces and online, there are mobile apps galore packed with guided meditations. Scientific research has found that mindfulness meditation rewires the brain in dozens of positive ways - but what is it, exactly?

In this three-part interview for Goodnet’s sister organization, Essence of Life Radio, meditation teacher Miles Kessler explains the roots of mindfulness in the Buddhist tradition, why it’s so popular today, and the practical benefits of the practice. In the final part of the interview, Kessler runs a short guided meditation, so listeners can try it out themselves - and start reaping the benefits.

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