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Kitchensurfing is the happy community for diners and chefs

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Do you like to prepare delicious meals? Enjoy feasting on mouthwatering dishes? Kitchensurfing, a marketplace for people who love connecting over food, is the missing link between diners and chefs - professional or amateur.
The digital platform enables chefs to post their services, while diners can browse the listings in a variety of criteria: Chefs that can teach you how to cook? Check. Cooks that also shop for the ingredients? Check. How about chefs who specialize in healthy food? You got that, too! Chefs are also browsable by type of cuisine - from Italian and Middle Eastern to Sushi and Cocktail Party food. 
Kitchensurfing aims to bring quality dining experience to your home and your friends, and it allows anyone to be the chef du jour. Boasting pretty moderate pricing - hourly rates range between $25 to $125 - Kitchensurfing is currently available in New York City, but you can leave a request and Kitchensurfing will let you know once they reach your neighborhood. [Source: Kitchensurfing]

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