4 Amazing Videos to Get You in the Holiday Spirit [LIST]

Christmas is just around the corner [LIST]

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Gingerbread house for Christmas.

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As the holiday season draws near, 'tis the season to celebrate with family, friends and the people closest to you.
Just in time for Christmas, celebrated on December 25, here are five heartwarming videos to inspire a sense of togetherness and get you into the holiday spirit - whether you celebrate this holiday or not. 

WestJet Airlines are big fans of Christmas and seem to out-do themselves every year. In an effort to give their passengers a Christmas surprise this year, a kiosk was installed in the terminal complete with a real-time Santa asking travelers what presents they’d like to receive. Gifts ranged from electronics and sports equipment to toys and flights home for the holidays. As the plane took off, WestJet employees doubled as elves, and set out to fulfill the Christmas wish list of each passenger. As the weary travelers were waiting for their baggage to come down the carousel, they were joyfully surprised by beautifully-wrapped presents and a festive celebration of giving.

In a hilarious take on the annual Christmas card, the Holderness family goes a step further with funny family updates set to the tune of Will Smith’s rap song Miami. Decked out in their Christmas pajamas, every member of the family shines as they recap their year of accomplishments, in addition to what to expect for 2014. The lovable antics of the Holderness family and their XMAS Jammies seems to have struck a chord, as in a matter of a couple of days, the video has gone viral with over ten million views on YouTube.

What happens when you leave eight dogs at home unattended? Well, if you are in Hungary you get a perfectly decorated Christmas tree! The well-trained pooches spread Christmas cheer throughout the house as they merrily arrange tinsel and ornaments to the music of the classic 1950’s song Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. If you are in the mood for more pet-friendly Christmas fun, check out this little dog as he awaits his gift from Santa.

Nick Confalone’s father has a tradition; every Christmas morning he records his family coming down the stairs. Starting in 1985, the beautiful compilation captures the passage of time as kids grow up, pets change and there are new additions to the family. The time capsule of memories is set to the jazz tune of the Vince Guaraldi Trio “Christmastime is Here.”

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