5 Digital Platforms That Help You Discover Something New and Fascinating [LIST]

Explore the websites and apps that bring fresh and exciting content to your fingertips

Jul 29, 2014

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The World Wide Web is saturated with such a large amount of fascinating content that it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. These 5 apps and websites do all the hard work, leaving you to enjoy relevant and interesting information - search away!


WHAT: An app for Google Chrome that provides professionally curated content every time a new tab or window is opened.
HOW: The beautifully formatted app greets each new tab with an elegant full screen picture, and a small box that provides a summary of the article or blog with a direct link to the source.
SPECIAL TOUCH: Users can customize their feed by selecting categories that range from geeky and fashionable to cool and artsy, ensuring that every tab opened will reveal another captivating item to pique their interest.

Screenshot from Poshfeed


WHAT: A discovery engine that finds and recommends unique and interesting web content.
HOW: Users can explore and rate videos, photos and webpages that are personalized to their tastes and interests with the help of a social-networking style platform.
SPECIAL TOUCH: The more you use Stumble Upon, either by liking or disliking its recommendations, the more it gets to know what type of content interests you. Therefore, it's able to present  you with awesome stuff that you wouldn't necessarily have found on your own.

Screenshot from Stumble Upon


WHAT: An iPhone app that aims to extract the most interesting bits of little-known knowledge from the Web.
HOW: The simple, clean app sends users articles, mostly gleaned from Wikipedia, about fascinating subjects that they wouldn't necessarily go searching for.
SPECIAL TOUCH: While some of the information is hand-picked, a chunk of the topics are selected at random, therefore increasing the chances of discovering new ideas.

Screenshot from Endless


WHAT: An anonymous portal for finding unexpected content that mixes a combination of relevance and surprise.
HOW: The iPhone app consists of a screen filled with tiles displaying randomly generated tags that lead to articles based on those topics. After reading an article, users navigate back to the home screen to see more tags that are loosely affiliated with the one they previously clicked. If the app presents items that are not of particular interest, the user can tap the screen to get a fresh set of tags.
SPECIAL TOUCH: Living up to its name, Random never shows the same thing twice, and keeps users on a magical journey of exploration for knowledge.

Screenshot from Random


WHAT: A personal homepage that helps you organize and access your favorite news feeds and bookmarks as well as finding new websites based on your interests.
HOW: With the help of a few handy pre-populated bookmark windows, information is presented in a simple way under categories such as social,  search, news, sports and tech.
SPECIAL TOUCH: Start Me is all about making a custom start page on which you can create additional pages of new feeds that lead to websites waiting to be discovered.

Screenshot from Start Me