5 Kids Games to Get You in Shape

Child play never gets old

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Remember the days when you were a kid - you’d pop outside to meet your friends, run around the neighborhood and just play? At the time, you probably weren’t aware that you were engaging in healthy activity and even burning calories. But now you probably remember those days fondly, thinking, why not go back to a time when moving your body was fun? We know that exercising is good for your health, but it also benefits your brain - something that never gets old. Here are five activities that you might remember from years ago, but today can serve as a fun way to get your heart pumping.

1. TAG
The fast and fun schoolyard game is a great group activity, which can be improvised in any open space. To get the most out of the experience, be sure to intersperse short sprints with resting periods. Tag - you’re it!

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Hula hoops jumped onto the scene in the late 1950s and became an instant hit. The colorful hoops aren’t just a fun novelty at parties - they’re a fantastic way to tone your thighs, abdominals and arms! If you need some ideas on how to maximize your hula hoop experience, take a look at this tutorial or see the hoops in action.

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Remember the days when throwing a ball back and forth would keep you occupied for hours? The repetitive motion is relaxing and also great for your body, improving coordination and muscle tone. Grab a friend, any type of ball and let the games begin.

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Kickball used to be one of the most popular games during gym time at school or out on the playground. For those unfamiliar, kickball is similar to baseball, but instead of hitting the ball with a bat, players kick a large rubber ball about the size of a basketball. The rules are simple: players need to touch all the bases to earn points. If the ball is caught mid-air or a player is tagged by a baseman, they are out. This game is a great way to bring friends together - and you can even invite the kiddies to play.

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Hopscotch is a classic sidewalk game that requires only a a piece of chalk and your own two feet. The first step is to draw up your court, which consists of a series of squares and rectangles numbered in the sequence to be hopped. Then, either hop and jump your way through, or challenge yourself by throwing a small object into one of the numbered spaces and hop to retrieve it. Let your creative juices flow by designing an intricate hopscotch court that will give your legs a nice workout and improve your balance.

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