5 Valuable Things You Can Give that Do Not Cost a Thing [LIST]

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While money supposedly makes the world go ‘round, individuals and groups can make an impact without using any form of currency. Learn about five cost-free ways to contribute to yourself, others and the planet.


THE BASICS: Social media is a great outlet to make a difference, by making your opinion heard and gathering attention around a certain issue.  
WHERE TO TURN: To amplify your voice, check out Thunderclap which allows a singular cause or message to be shared in mass, flash mob-style via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

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THE BASICS: Time is one of the most valuable commodities out there and giving it to others can be a priceless gift.
WHERE TO TURN: Get your volunteering on with VolunteerMatch, a top notch search engine which finds volunteer opportunities in your area according to your interests.

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THE BASICS: Acting in a kind manner does not cost a thing, with studies revealing that good deeds and kind acts have a ripple effect that increase the amount of positivity surrounding us.
WHERE TO TURN: For a bit of inspiration, watch this video by the nonprofit Life Vest Inside which demonstrates the way kindness spreads. On an everyday basis, simple acts like smiling at a stranger or holding the door open for the next person are don't require much effort and can make all the difference to someone else. 

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THE BASICS: Living in a cleaner and greener world is something that you can bestow upon future generations.
WHERE TO TURN: Picking up stray pieces of litter that you come across is an important contribution that can be made into a daily routine. Take it a step further by posting your trash on Instagram’s Litterati which serves as a useful tool to identify what type of garbage is accumulating and where.

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THE BASICS: Being in good health means that you can be around to enjoy life and spend time with those who are most important.
WHERE TO TURN: Here is a list of five apps to get you started paying attention to your nutrition by helping you choose healthy foods. For those looking to improve their physical activity, enjoy these five fun games you used to play as a kid to get your heart pumping, and monitor your fitness progress with the free app RunKeeper.

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