5 YouTube Channels that Teach Children About the Natural World

There are videos for kids of all ages.

(Halfpoint / Shutterstock.com)

Kids are naturally drawn to nature. Whether playing outside in the sand or snow; learning everything there is to know about sharks, or going apple picking,children have an almost magnetic appeal to the mystery and adventure of the natural world.

As parents, educators, and mentors, however, it is not always easy explaining the science and complexity of the environment and even harder to explain some of the environmental problems we are dealing with. 

Thankfully, YouTube is loaded with animated videos on recycling, biodiversity, water cycles and more. Our most primal instinct is to be connected to ecological cycles with the help of engaging videos, youth can merge their experiential love of the outdoors with a scientific understanding of the natural world.  

Throughout the world, youth have begun playing a major role in environmental conservation. Quench the interest of the kids around you with some of these videos, and remember that the best learning happens outside. 

Check out our list of fun, educational, and environmental YouTube channels for kids. 

Make Me Genius

Make Me Genius has a range of stimulating videos that are sure to both pique and satisfy your kids’ curiosity. Some of their playlists include: Parts of Plants, Geography for Kids, and Soil Processes. Make Me Genius does a great job at explaining in-depth and specific information in a light, easy, and engaging way. 

National Geographic Kids

For Kids with a sense of adventure, Nat Geo Kids' videos are the way to go. They have playlists that nurture childrens’ curiosity about the scientific world. Explorer Academy, Best Job Ever, and Destination World are some examples of the diverse educational content that you can find on their channel. Videos range from basic to more advanced information, so after a little digging you’ll be able to find something perfect for your target age range. 

Planet Bonehead

Planet Bonehead teaches kids about science, the environment, conservation, and wildlife using short to medium length videos. Episodes follow several animated characters that via their adventures present different environmental problems. Episodes also encourage kids to think creatively about solutions to these problems. Educators can also purchase more in-depth videos to incorporate into schools’ curriculums.

SciShow Kids

For fun and short videos on scientific topics such as animals, space, machines, and more turn to SciShow Kids. Videos also encourage kids to be their very own scientist by gathering information about the natural world around them. For adventurous youth, check out Scishow Kids Experiments, which walk you through hands-on ways to engage kids in interactive activities. 

Hot Mess

If you are an environmental educator, then PBS’s Hot Mess is for you. There are over 30 videos that focus on climate change and sustainability including how climate change affects weather, what would happen if we ignore climate change, and food versus climate change.  This is good for high school classes or science minded teens.