Care for Cambodian Children

Granting education and opportunities to those who most need it

Sep 5, 2012

Image by Flickr user mrcharly

It was a visit to Cambodia in 2007 that made Jenny Lipa aware of the dismal situation the local children face: the dearth of schools in the country, the lack of clean fresh water and the low quality facilities.
Determined to make a change for the better, Lipa joined forces with her Cambodian tour guide, Panha Ou, and the two formed The Cambodian Child's Dream Organization, a nonprofit that improves living conditions for Cambodian children.
The nonprofit has run a variety of projects in the Asian country, with a strong emphasis on education: building a school, constructing a library, granting scholarships to children and training teachers are just a few. 
The organization's inspiring activities are made possible by donations fundraised by the parent organization, Friends of the Cambodian Child's Dream Organization. [Source: The Cambodian Dream Child Organization

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