Human Dignity Caught in Documentaries

The UNAFF International Film Festival exposed

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Films have the power to impact and change the world, not just by providing entertainment, but by exposing us to a different world view. The 15th Annual United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF) is one of these events, featuring documentaries from all over the world centered on the theme of human dignity.
Originally created to honor the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this year the festival will be taking place on October 18-22 in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Stanford University and East Palo Alto. Aside from attending the festival, you can get involved either by volunteering for the nonprofit UNAFF or providing support during the event.
If you aren’t in California during those dates, don’t fret. The UNAFF Traveling Film Festival screens selected films in international cities which have UNA chapters, and may be coming to a city near you.
[Source: The 15th Annual United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF)]
For a full list of films, please go here.

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