6 Best Benefits of Creativity

Pick up a paintbrush or get out on the dance floor and get those creative juices flowing!

Creativity helps you come up with new ideas.

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Creativity is about  using your imagination to express yourself and explore new ideas. You might just think of creative pursuits as a hobby or a way to pass the time. But, according to Medical News Today, creative activities, like art, dance, brainstorming, and exploring new ideas, have benefits to keep your brain sharp and your body healthy. So pick up a paint brush or get out on the dance floor and get those creative juices flowing! 

Helps You Problem Solve

Breakthroughs often happen spontaneously while you keep an open mind to creative solutions and ideas. A study from the International Journal of Psychology and Educational Studies found that creative thinking, like openness to changes and innovation, helped nurses solve problems faced while on the job. 

Sometimes when you focus too hard on a problem, you close yourself off from innovative solutions. When you find yourself stuck, take a step back. Keep an open mind and use your imagination. Creativity helps to see the world in new ways. Gather your peers and bounce ideas off of each other. That spark of inspiration will happen if you keep an open mind to the innovations you never thought possible.

New ideas come from brainstorming.

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Could Improve Mental Health

Caring for your mental health is an important part of overall well being. Medical News Today suggests that creative pursuits offer a great way to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and even to process trauma. Activities like writing help release negative emotions by expressing what you feel inside. Psychologists also use expressive movement meditation as a treatment to heal from trauma, a way to shake and dance away your fears!

Dance your way to better mental health.

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May Boost Your Immune System

You might not easily make the connection between creativity and your immune system. As it turns out, creative pursuits like writing exercises significantly improve your body’s ability to fight disease. A trial published in Psychosom Med demonstrating how patients undergoing HIV treatments improved their immune function with expressive writing. Spending time journaling about emotional topics improved their CD4+ lymphocyte count, crucial for the body’s immune defenses against HIV and other viruses.

Writing is good for your health.

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May Improve Brain Function

If you want to stay sharp, stay creative! Research published in Frontiers in Psychology shows that playing an instrument improves cognitive functioning and slows down cognitive impairment in older adults. Music not your thing? Simple creative activities, like doing puzzles or adult coloring books, can also help keep your brain working in tip top shape (plus it’s fun!).

Do brain strengthening activities.

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Helps You Find Purpose

Tony Wagne, a senior research fellow at Harvard and author of Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World, told CNN that “Imagining and creating give us a sense of purpose.” 

The act of creating involves making something from nothing. If you start a project, like writing a book or building your own business, it takes work and commitment to see those come to life. But when you do, you’ll gain a deep sense of purpose, an important part of living a fulfilling life. 

Find your creative outlet. It could be as simple as growing an herb garden or redecorating your room. Explore what makes you come alive and add that burst of creativity into your life.

Gardening can help you find purpose.

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Could Make You Happier

If you want to bring more joy and positive emotions into your life, make a little time each day for something creative. A study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology observed that participants felt more enthusiastic, and “flourishing”, after spending just over a week doing daily creative activities, like self-expression or artistic activities. Draw, paint, write, dance, sing your way to your happiest self!

Creative expression may increase happiness.

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