7 Ways to Make a Difference with $10

An easy and inexpensive guide to helping out


Screenshot: Kiva

Think about how your wallet would look if you were $10 poorer - you probably wouldn't even notice it, right? This puts you in approximately the top 15 percent of the world's population by wealth, and means you're in the lucky position to be able to help others fairly easily.
The following list details seven amazing projects which you can easily contribute to, with as little as $10.


THE ORGANIZATION: CharitySub, which brings together a community of like-minded givers who support different causes every month.
THE DRIVE: For just $5 a month, CharitySub members pick from three different organizations to support, impacting a total of 12 worthy causes per year. Give it a go for two months – for just $10 – and feel the power of crowd support.
THE EXTRA MILE: Stay on for a year to get a proper feel for the project. Just $60 over the 12 months.

Screenshot: CharitySub


THE ORGANIZATION: Kiva, a non-profit which connects people through lending to help alleviate poverty.
THE DRIVE:  Previously featured on Goodnet, Kiva is the premier micro-financing charity, allowing "lenders" to support business projects across the developing world, and track the repayment of their "investment." Examples of such projects include a Cambodian man who needs rice seed for his farmland, a Pakistani woman who wants to purchase cooking oil for her husband to sell, and Indonesians lacking funds to support their mobile phone credit sales and bill payment transactions.
THE EXTRA MILE: When your loan gets repaid, don't draw the money – invest again!

Screenshot: Kiva


THE ORGANIZATION: The American Red Cross, which provides disaster relief, supports US military families, runs blood drives, provides health and safety services and international humanitarian support.
THE DRIVE: Supporters in the US can donate $10 to the Red Cross just by sending an SMS, either for natural disaster relief, or to help vaccinate children and reduce deaths from measles. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to send $10 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund or PREVENT to 90999 to give $10 to the Measles & Rubella Initiative.
THE EXTRA MILE: Set yourself a reminder to text the Red Cross once a month, you'll hardly even notice it on your phone bill.

Screenshot: Red Cross


THE ORGANIZATION: Omaze, an organization which encourages supporting causes for the chance to win an experience like hanging out with your favorite sportsperson or actor.
THE DRIVE: Donate $10 to Music for Relief to help survivors of the Oklahoma tornado, and get the chance to join The Crystal Method at their LA Album Release Party.
THE EXTRA MILE: Check out some of Omaze's other amazing drives, and get yourself in the running to hang out with Seth Greenride in an RV with Bryan Cranston to the premier of Breaking Bad, or go behind the scenes of The Colbert Report.

Screenshot: Omaze


THE ORGANIZATION: Project Night Night gives out care packages, free of charge, to homeless children across the United States.
THE DRIVE: The Night Night Packages, which aim to make homeless children feel secure, cozy, ready to learn, and significant, contain a blanket, an age-appropriate children's book, and a stuffed animal - all bundled up in a canvas tote bag. Get together with a friend ($20) and sponsor a Night Night package to make a homeless child's night.
THE EXTRA MILE: Dedicate a tribute Night Night gift for a friend or family member's birthday, Mothers Day or Father's Day, or any other occasion.  

Screenshot: Project Night Night


THE ORGANIZATION: Reforest Patagonia, a non-profit which aims to plant more than one million native trees in an effort to return the natural wonder of the Chilean Patagonia to its former glory.
THE DRIVE: This beautifully-designed online drive lets users sponsor a tree for $4 per tree a pop. The organization sends out an email to each donor with the exact GPS coordinates of their new tree.
THE EXTRA MILE: You can click and sponsor as many trees as you like – hey, what about your own Chilean garden or forest?

Screenshot: Reforest Patagonia


THE ORGANIZATION: Smile Squared, an organization which offers practical, sustainable solutions to help improve the overall health and educational needs of children around the world.
THE DRIVE: Another Goodnet favorite, this simple initiative encourages users to buy one toothbrush and donate another to a child in need for $5.95, making a 1:1 buying-to-giving ratio.
THE EXTRA MILE: Get one for yourself! Smile Squared's adult toothbrushes cost the same as the children's ones, and also allow you to donate one for one.

Screenshot: Smile Squared