8 Inspiring Works of Art Created by Chicago Youth

These creative masterpieces come from the Snow City Arts nonprofit that brings the arts to hospitalized children.


Knock on Wood, watercolor by Brianna, Age 14

Snow City Arts is bringing light and creativity to youth in hospitals across the Chicagoloand area. The nonprofit organization uses art as a medium of expression for young people who are undergoing medical treatments. Often isolated from friends and school, Snow City Arts offers a range of programming that bring instructors and artists-in-residence into the hospitals to teach photography, painting, music, creative writing and more. Each child’s skill and ability level are taken into consideration as they are exposed to different artist and styles, with a hands-on approach that allows the youngsters to freely create and express themselves. Here are 8 beautiful works of art created by the talented kids from Snow City Arts, enjoy!

* All of these gorgeous creations are from Snow City Arts Facebook page.  

Horse Acetate

Created by: Genevive, Age 9

Edgar Degas inspired  

Created by: Anonymous, Age 17


Created by: Nicholas, Age 8

Piet Mondrian inspired 

Created by: Krystal, Age 10

Apple still life

Created by: Donnisha, Age 15

Bead and button butterfly

Created by: Ajianette, Age 8 and Meg, Age 7

Intense comic

Created by: Klayvon, Age 9

Watercolor pencils tree

Created by: Brittany, Age 8