Putting Physical Activity on the World Agenda

Designed to Move: advocates for movement


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Soccer game.

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Most people know that being active is good for physical health, but the benefits go beyond the physiological: fitness is shown to lower depression and crime and is linked with increased income and education levels. Designed to Move, a physical activity action agenda, is on a mission to curb the growing worldwide epidemic of physical inactivity that has been shown to shorten the lifespan of future generations. Behind this initiative is a team of 70 experts from the field of physical activity and other disciplines, ranging from Former President Bill Clinton to Charlie Denson the President of Nike.
Designed to Move has thoroughly researched the effects of physical activity, and offers the public comprehensive reports and infographics to support their call for action. They have come to the consensus that to improve the current state of physical inactivity, it is imperative to get kids active before the age of 10 and crucial for individuals to integrate some form of physical activity into their daily lives. The advocacy group provides information and programs to get people on the road to a more active and healthier lifestyle. [Source: Designed to Move]

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