Reviving Ancient Trees to Repair the Planet

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive


One of our best bets for ensuring a safe future for the planet can be found in trees.  While this might not come as a surprise, many seem to forget that the incredible natural resource has the ability to curb pollution by naturally removing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. But due to human intervention, some of the earth’s most ancient and valuable trees are being cut down. In an effort to preserve these treasures, the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive has been doing some revolutionary work to guarantee that these trees are around for generations to come.
The Michigan based nonprofit collects, propagates and archives the genetics of ancient champion trees, some of the world’s most iconic and long living trees that have survived for thousands of years. The scientific method of propagation is when genetically identical plants are produced from a single parent plant, thus creating a clone that shares the same DNA. After propagation, the cloned champion trees are either planted with other trees to create a stronger ecosystem, or are archived in a living library- a protected environment in which these strains of trees can be studied and preserved. The good folks at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive are on a mission to repair the environment one tree at a time. [Source: Archangel Ancient Tree Archive]

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