9 Celebrity Moms Who Advocate Breastfeeding

From breastfeeding selfies to viral blogs, these famous mothers use their spotlight to normalize nursing.


Alyssa Milano, breastfeeding

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Celebrity moms get a lot of publicity - from their baby bump announcements to the first shots of the famous babies. While some would rather shy away from the spotlight, these nine Hollywood mamas use it - to normalize breastfeeding. By breastfeeding in public, making positive statements and posting nursing selfies on social media, these well-known mothers give other parents hope. After all, if these glamorous women are going through the same everyday situations as everyone else - it must be pretty universal.


Alyssa has documented her breastfeeding journey with daughter Alizabella from the moment she was born - her Instagram feed is practically a “breast is best” campaign. The beautiful pictures show that breastfeeding is just a natural part of life.   

Alyssa Milano breastfeeding birth

Alyssa Milano breastfeeding after birth (via Instagram, user milano_alyssa) 


The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is proud of long-term nursing her son Fred. Her recent photo nursing him on the subway got a lot of attention, and she described his natural weaning on Kveller, writing that the last time he nursed she wanted to yell after him “choo-choo you forgot the other side!” Mayim sums up four years of nursing with a touching note to Fred : “Thank you for being my nursling.”

Mayim Bialik brestfeeding on subway

Mayim Bialik breastfeeding son Fred on the subway  


Gwen is a mama to three gorgeous boys. Shortly after giving birth to her youngest son Apollo, she shared an adorable mommy moment breastfeeding him with the beautiful backdrop of Switzerland’s mountains. In her own words “It’s my life and I’ll breastfeed wherever I please.”

Gwen Stefani breastfeeding

Gwen Stefani breastfeeding (Via Instagram user gwenstefani)


Celebrating the birth of her son Maxim, this Russian supermodel posted a breastfeeding picture to Instagram. Mind you, it’s not not your run-of –the-mill breastfeeding photo - most mothers don’t breastfeed naked while posing for a professional photographer. But it’s a breastfeeding photo nonetheless.

Natalia Vodainova

Natalia Vodainova with baby Maxim (via Instagram user nataliavodainova)


Gisele is so passionate about breastfeeding she has been quoted saying there should be a world-wide law requiring new mothers to nurse for six months. Her popular breastfeeding snap on Instagram shows her breastfeeding while getting ready for a fashion shoot.

Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding

Gisele multitasking (via Instagram user gisele) 


Salma went the extra mile breastfeeding a newborn baby in Africa, while she was still breastfeeding her daughter Valentina. The heartwarming video of Hayek donating her milk to the African baby is a testament to the likeness of all human beings.

Salma Hayek breastfeeding African baby

Salma Hayek donating her breast milk to a sick African baby 


Angelina is a strong voice for breastfeeding; in 2008 she was featured nursing on the cover of W magazine. She also became a staunch advocate for breast cancer awareness after undergoing a double mastectomy, considerably raising awareness of the health issue around the world.

Angelina Jolie breastfeeding W magazine

Angelina Jolie calmly breastfeeding during w cover photo shoot (via W magazine


Pink has Instagrammed several photos of herself breastfeeding. Her husband Cary Heart joined the breastfeeding selfie trend, posting a picture of Pink breastfeeding their daughter Willow in a restaurant.

Pink breastfeeding

Pink Breastfeeding via Twitter user @pink 


This reality T.V. star pumps breastmilk in style - on and off set. One of the pictures she has shared show her pumping in a way you would imagine a Kardashian would pump, all glammed up and lying on the counter. Her sister Kim has tweeted in the past against public breastfeeding but has since had a few children and changed her mind.

Kourtney Kardashian pumping

Kourtney Kardashian pumping breastmilk Via Instagram user kourtneykardash