9 Motivational Posters to Inspire You to Do the Green Thing

One-of-a-kind posters to bring out the treehugger in you.

Feb 19, 2016
Make Cycling Sexy by David Holcroft

Make Cycling Sexy by David Holcroft 

It’s no secret - climate change is real and something needs to change. But change doesn’t necessarily mean installing solar panels on your roof or building your own greenhouse (though, if you have the resources, by all means!) - a change can be a small, simple adjustment in your daily life.

This quirky collection will inspire you to make these changes, proving that the little decisions we face everyday can make a big difference. Serving as gentle nudges towards a more thoughtful and more sustainable way of living, these nine posters from Do the Green Thing show how - when it comes to our planet - small changes can go a long way.


BY: Matt Dyson and Jon Oakes
THE MESSAGE: We have a responsibility to our planet. Climate change means making changes - and there’s no better time to start than now and no better place than in your own home.
DO THE GREEN THING: Build good habits like unplugging electronics and appliances when not in use. Make sure your TV isn’t on standby and your laptop isn’t plugged in overnight.

Pull the Plug by Matt Dyson and Jon Oakes

2. VISION 2020

BY: Patrick Bell
THE MESSAGE: Car-free cities may be the reality in the not so distant future. Cutting car journeys can reduce air pollution, improve health, and make for a cleaner, greener environment.
DO THE GREEN THING: Find greener ways to get to work – join a car-pool, take public transportation, walk, or bike.

Vision 2020 by Patrick Bell


BY: Kyril Edlin
THE MESSAGE: Convenience and excellent marketing might make bottled water appealing, but it’s not worth the environmental impact.
DO THE GREEN THING: Choose tap water over bottled drinks whenever you can and buy a reusable bottle that you can refill. If you do buy a bottled drink, remember to recycle!

Simple as Tap by Kyril Edlin


BY: Perry Rowe
THE MESSAGE: Life as we know it is inextricably linked to the lightbulb, yet it comes at a significant cost to the planet. Not to mention, 90 percent of the energy used to power a conventional bulb is lost through heat – which means wasted energy and money.
THE GREEN THING: Turn off your lights during the daytime and when you’re not using them. Make use of summer days and enjoy as much natural sunlight as possible.

Use the Sun by Perry Rowe


BY: Dan Craig
THE MESSAGE: It’s the little things that count. Making a small change, like taking the stairs, not only benefits the planet, but your own well-being.
DO THE GREEN THING: Opt for the stairs over the elevator! Taking the stairs reduces rates of heart failure, as well as saving energy.

It's Better by Stairs by Dan Craig


BY: Assa Ariyoshi
THE MESSAGE: Eating meat can have a tremendous environmental impact. The global livestock industry actually produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, planes, trains and ships put together.
DO THE GREEN THING: Give vegetables a chance to play the lead role in your meals a little more often. Start every week with a veg pledge as part of Meat Free Mondays or limit your meat-eating to the weekends.

Just You and Veg by Assa Ariyoshi


BY: David Jimenez
THE MESSAGE: Not everything that is broken is trash. The more we ‘make-do and mend,‘ the less resources we consume.
DO THE GREEN THING: Discover the art of upcycling, learn how to mend torn clothes, or keep a tool box handy in case something is in need of repair.

Happiness Restored by David Jimenez


BY: Matthew Elliott
THE MESSAGE: There are plenty of reasons to eat what’s ‘in right now.’ Sticking to seasonal foods reduces carbon footprint, lower costs, increases nutrition - and the taste is so much better.
DO THE GREEN THING: Stay up-to-date about what fruits and veggies are in season and buy produce from local growers.

Not My Season by Matthew Elliott


BY: Karin Rubing
THE MESSAGE: Extending the average life of clothes by just three months could reduce the carbon, water and waste footprints of your wardrobe by up to 10 percent. Why throw out something you can fix?
DO THE GREEN THING: Watch online tutorials to learn how to salvage your clothes, arrange a clothes swap with your friends, and shop for secondhand clothes.

Stitch Don't Ditch by Karin Rubing
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