Matt Damon Saves the Planet

Extreme Realities: truth about climate change

A child sitting near by a water source.

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Hollywood superstar Matt Damon is an avid promoter of environmental issues; he is the co-founder of, a nonprofit involved with fresh water in the developing world, and is also the host of Journey to Planet Earth. The PBS series of documentaries, produced by Marilyn and Hal Weiner, explores the current and projected state of the planet. 
The next documentary in the series, Extreme Realities, will focus on the perils of climate change, while pointing to the national and political implications of environmental issues.
Despite the film’s serious tone, a positive message emerges: communities and individuals have the power to confront the problems and resolve them, together. Hence, the goal of Extreme Realities is to create awareness and encourage viewers to get involved in environmental campaigns.
The producers are running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this project - aiming to raise $75,000. If you want to pitch in and help out, you can back the project or take the social media route and share the campaign with your friends.
Matt Damon is in. How about you? [Source: Kickstarter]

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