Are Your Neighbors the Next Step to Green Living?

Streetbank: a lending platform

Good neighbors.

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The old adage of borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor is brought to life with the lending platform Streetbank. Employing the concept of collaborative consumption, Streetbank is a site where neighbors can share, borrow and lend their special skills to one another. Active in the UK, the free service is the brainchild of Sam Stephens who one day was in need of a ladder and didn’t want to run to the store to buy one. He decided to approach his neighbors who graciously lent him the ladder, and soon after they became friends. Sam thought that this would be a great way for neighbors to help each other out, be social and save on purchasing unnecessary items. Taking a cue from other successful collaborative consumption sites like Yerdle and SittingAround, Streetbank is doing its part to create a local sharing economy in your backyard.

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