A Boy, a Dog, and an Unshakeable Bond [VIDEO]

This animated short film is sure to leave you in tears.

May 23, 2016

The Present has swept up 59 awards, been featured in over 180 film festivals, and led to job offers from Disney and Pixar - and after watching the animated short film, it’s easy to see why.

The four-minute film, created by German film students and inspired by a Brazilian comic strip, begins with a scene familiar to any teenager. A boy, deeply engrossed in a video game, is interrupted when his mother drops a box on his lap - a present, she says. Annoyed at the disruption, he disregards the box and returns to his game.

Eventually, curiosity overcomes the boy and he opens the box to find a puppy! At first he’s excited, but upon seeing that the pup is missing a leg, he tosses it aside with disgust. Not to be deterred, the puppy, continues to compete for the boy’s attention. The boy finally admits defeat and gets up to play with the dog.

The real surprise comes when the boy rises from the couch. See for yourself!

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