Building Peace Through the Power of Technology

International Alert's #peacehack combines bright heads to solve today's big problems

Dec 7, 2016
Designers, developers, and peace practitioners come together for #peacehack to find smart solutions to big problems. (International Alert)

Designers, developers, and peace practitioners come together for #peacehack to find smart solutions to big problems. (International Alert)

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and our earth is no different. Each and every day we are developing new technologies, new perspectives, and new ways to advance ourselves. And much like our children, our world is dependent on us to lead it down the right path.

International Alert, a leading peace-building organization based out of London, started the #peacehack initiative, using the collaborative spirit of today's movers and shakers as well as their honed skill sets to lead the world towards one of peace, opportunity, and communication. Combining forces of designers, developers, and peace practitioners, #peacehack strives to build peace through technology in a realistic way that addresses real world issues and finds the solutions to solve them.

With 16 offices around the world, International Alert works with locals in over 25 countries, advising companies, organizations, and governments on how to reassess conflict with unifying tools and processes. The scope is far and wide, but the strategy is crystal clear: find practical and sustainable solutions to real-world problems like climate change, unstable community relations, gender inequality, mismanagement of natural resources and economic development, and conflicting state-citizen relations.

These are all serious red flag obstacles, but through #peachack they are broken down to the simplest of terms and re-worked to create unity. For example, issues with climate change are met with guiding local, national and international decision-makers towards relevant programs and policies that will ensure that affected communities can adapt to their environments peacefully and positively. Conflicting state-citizen relations and unstable communities are met with striving to establish platforms for citizens to work together, solving issues within their communities and empowering locals, businesses, and youth to shape the decisions that affect their lives and the lives of generations to come.

#peacehack has garnered so much interest worldwide that they even host the annual Talking Peace Festival, which sparks a running dialogue about peace through arts, food, film and technology.

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