Coming Soon: 100% Clean, Renewable Energy to a State near You

The Solutions Project uses a combination of science, business and culture to promote wind, water, and solar energy

Renewable energy.


What do get when you mix a scientist, an actor, a banker and a filmmaker with a desire to reduce extreme energy extraction? The answer is The Solutions Project - a plan that uses a combination of science, business and culture to promote the transition to 100% renewable energy.  After talking about revolutionizing the energy sector Mark Jacobson, Mark Ruffalo, Marco Krapels and Josh Fox realized that mere words weren’t enough - they needed to be an active part of the solution.
Professor Jacobson and his team devised comprehensive plans that show what a transition to 100% wind, water, and solar (WWS) energy would look like for 50 states in the USA in terms of energy prices, creating jobs and minimizing air pollution. Using these plans, The Solutions Project aims to spread the word about the economic, environmental and health benefits of clean, renewable energy and connect people and communities with actionable renewable energy solutions. With such an innovative plan that focuses on moving away from traditional energy sources, it looks like as though clean power really is the future.

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