Facebook’s Global Meeting Place of Beautiful and Life-Changing Stories

Inspiring stories and chance meetings that make the world go round

Mar 6, 2014

Screenshot of Facebook Stories

Facebook has become part of the world’s vernacular with over 1.23 billion users and counting using the app on a daily basis. In the past ten years, Facebook has evolved with new layouts and added features, but its essential purpose of connecting people and sharing with others remains constant.
That’s where Facebook Stories comes in – a meeting place of beautiful and life-changing tales that were made possible with the help of the world’s largest social media platform.
Users can submit any story to the site - from meeting their future partner, finding a lost friend or rallying around an important social cause - and if selected, Facebook will publish it or even create a beautifully produced video.
Most folks have a Facebook-related anecdote of their own, and the treasure trove of heartwarming stories will perhaps inspire you to share yours with the rest of the world.

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