Galvanized Youth Change the Lives of Foster Kids

A nonprofit lights the way

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Together we rise.

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In the United States, youth under the age of 18 whose families are unable to take care of them are placed in foster homes or with foster parents. Moving around, legal action and general turbulence are often frequent in these young kids’ lives. But Together We Rise, helmed by 24-year old Danny Mendoza, is a team of young folks who decided to make a difference.
The youth-led nonprofit, comprised of former foster kids, addresses the needs of children in foster care and provides resources and services for them when they transition out of the system. Some programs include sports and athletic activities, mentoring, career assistance as well as bicycle giveaways. All of the endeavors have the same end goals: to help foster kids make their own choices, and build a support system that will give them a sense of normalcy and stability.
The organization has caught the attention of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo, and founder Danny Mendoza was recently a 2012 Do Something award finalist.
Together We Rise not only empowers kids in foster care but mobilizes the power of youth to galvanize and make the future a brighter place. 

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