How Kind People Online Rallied to Help Save a Dad With Cancer

The #SaveDave campaign shows the true power of online kindness

Aug 7, 2017

When 32-year-old Emly Kay launched an online campaign to raise money in order to help Dave, her husband of the same age who has stage four lung cancer, she had no idea quite how positive the response would be. Her Save Dave initiative on the YouCaring crowdfunding site went viral and is a classic example of how the good people of the Internet can come together and show their support for a worthwhile cause, even if they don’t know the people involved.

Armed with an inspiring video featuring their beautiful baby Noa and Eddie the dog, a heartfelt written plea and the catchy #SaveDave hashtag Emly tells Goodnet that she nervously exposed her family’s story to the world. Within a few hours of the campaign going live it had grabbed the Internet’s attention and word spread around social media, leaving Emly and Dave feeling overwhelmed and very appreciative that so many people were touched by their story. In less than five days the couple managed to hit their initial $100,000 target and the video was viewed over 80,000 times on Facebook.

Dave is battling a rare form of terminal lung cancer and Emly says that money donated via the campaign will go towards covering the costs of breakthrough experimental treatments, consultations with leading specialists and various other expenses incurred by his condition.

“As Dave’s treatment progresses, we are realizing how much we need extra support,” Emly says. “We are surrounded by loving friends but our families are located in different countries and the intense medical treatment that Dave requires is taking its toll not only emotionally but financially.”

On top of the financial support Dave and Emly have also been fortunate to receive an outpouring of support and positive vibes from across the globe. From close friends and family to strangers in far away places, the couple have been inundated with messages from well-wishers who want to help #SaveDave.

“We have received so much love from all around the world, and we are truly grateful,” Emly says. “Since launching the campaign it's no longer just us going through this, we are really feeling the responsibility that goes with a campaign like this and we feel as though there are now so many other people who are part of our story.”

“All of the love and support has really lifted Dave's spirits and this whole campaign has given us a new lease of hope, so even though we were initially wary about exposing ourselves to the world, it’s all been totally worth it.”

Donations are still be being taken at

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