How Volunteering Can Make Student Debt Disappear

Zero Bound is a new crowdfunding platform

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Getting a higher education can be pricey - driving students to take hefty loans, which they end up repaying years and years after they finish their studies. In fact, in the United States student loan debt has reached the 1.2 trillion dollar mark. Zero Bound found a way to turn student loan debts into good deeds - by turning volunteering hours into money.
Preparing to launch its beta site, Zero Bound is a crowdfunding platform that invites students and alumni alike to jump on board. Users create a profile in which they set funding and volunteer goals, reach out to their personal contacts and then volunteer. If funding goals are met and community volunteer hours are completed, users will see a reduction in their debt as money is directed to repaying their loans.
Zero Bound joins other creative crowdfunding sites that are using the power of the people to support solar energy projects, books and medical treatments - providing an innovative solution to getting out of debt.

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