How Well Do You Know Your Superfoods? [QUIZ]

Walnuts or almonds? Blueberries or dark chocolate? Test your health food knowledge with this fun quiz.

Oct 3, 2014

Superfoods are usually classed as fare which is high in antioxidants – molecules which prevent oxidization and can prevent damage to healthy cells. And let's not forget that they tend to be fresh and delicious, too! These special foods are getting more and more popular and readily available around the world - but do you know your flaxseed from your sesame seed, the difference between a brazil nut and a walnut, or how much spinach Popeye should really be eating? And what about the big benefits these little guys actually provide for your body – are you in the know?
Have a go at the trivia quiz below, and then hit your local health food store, farmers' market or supermarket to stock up. 

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