In Search of the Funniest Laugh in the World hosts the happiest party online

A young girl with her mother.

(Liderina / is an online video channel dedicated exclusively to the funniest laughs online. 
The website plays an uninterrupted sequence of hundreds of YouTube clips, and includes truly hilarious finds: a TV anchor who gets a laughing fit on air followed by Clinton and Yeltsin sharing a laugh followed by a baby's addictive giggle to the sound of paper ripping.  
The videos are curated by's team, who edit the originals into brief, 10-second clips. Users are welcome to upload their own videos and join the funniest party on the web.'s motto is spread the laugh, and their mission is to promote the idea of laughter as a generator of a happier world. 
We're having a LOL moment. [Source:]

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