Iraq’s Beacon of Green Hope

Nature Iraq protects and preserves the environment


Image from Nature Iraq 

Iraq doesn’t usually conjure up images of lush greenery and rich wildlife, but that is about to change - thanks to Nature Iraq. The inspiring advocacy organization focuses its efforts on researching, monitoring and documenting Iraq’s biodiversity, ecology and water resources.
Helmed by founder Dr. Azzam Alwash and CEO Ammar Zakri, the NGO works with a range of different sectors, from local governmental officials to international bodies, to create educational programming that will protect and sustain Iraq’s natural resources. One exciting project is the Tigris River Flotilla, a recreated journey down the Tigris River using traditional sailing vessels that will document water quality, in addition to serving as a way to educate local communities on sustainable water usage.
On the heels of the announcement of Iraq’s first national park, Nature Iraq serves as a beacon of green hope, committed to protecting the Middle Eastern country’s environment and precious natural resources.

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