Manifesting: It’s About The Positive Power Within

Much more than just a trend!

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More people worldwide are uplifted by the idea that through greater mindfulness, we can “manifest” to improve our lives in the material world around us. 

This notion is so appealing because it rejects the idea of helplessness, putting personal agency front and center instead. This idea has felt like a healing salve to millions during the Pandemic too.

What is manifesting?

Put simply, manifesting is about actualizing your aspirations through taking proactive steps towards what you hope to make happen. But it starts with working on yourself.

By reaching for better-feeling emotions from within, letting go of the mental blocks that limit us, and responding to the universal energy around us (see below), we can expect consequences in our lives that align more closely with our desires.

Anything from the wish for an authentic match, to the desire for a child, better wellbeing, or financial success, are candidates for this approach. 

Spiritual teacher, Dr. Deganit Nuur, explains this spiritually-tinged process to “You're flowing, not forcing. It's different from goal-setting, because it's like you're co-creating with the universe. Whatever it is you're actualizing is an extension of your light — it's not something outside of you. Once you feel worthy of the thing, you ascend to that level of consciousness and receive it. In this way, you maintain your power, rather than feeling powerless… [but]  The focus isn't on the paycheck, the shoes, the house, the focus is on your growth and who you become in the process of actualizing all you're manifesting.”

Manifesting isn’t a new concept

The 2006 documentary-style filmThe Secret, expands a concept known as the “Law of Attraction”.  While some dismiss this as unscientific “new ageism”, this is seen by many as a type of positive worldview which views these thoughts emanating from within us, as able to attract events, feelings and experiences in the real world by manifesting themselves. 

These ideas are held to originate in the “New Thought Movement”, the roots of which go back to the 18th century. This popularized terms like creative visualization and spiritual healing. 

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Abundance and energy vibration 

The notion of abundance involves an appreciation of the inwardly-originating, empowering energy of life, and the innate tendency of nature to manifest and grow. This is the cultivation of respect for the creative energy of the universe, open to light and love that come from a more spiritual domain.

The “Law of Vibration” is seen as a more profound extension of the Law of Attraction. It maintains that anything existing in our universe, visible or not, can be quantified as a frequency or energy. 

The Law of Attraction suggests we attract what we are sending out to the universe. Our thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency, and this high-speed energy will attract whatever we send out with our thoughts.

When our thoughts and emotions are understood as energy vibration (Law of Vibration), and they combine with like-attracts-like (Law of Attraction), we can appreciate how it may be possible to transform our lives just by altering our thoughts and vibrations, which will go on to change the energy vibration within us.

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Manifesting on social media

Manifesting has found an ideal platform on social media. “Shut up I’m manifesting” is among the defining memes of 2020, reported Vox

Social networks offer the advantage of mutual support, so helpful in overcoming behavior patterns that can hinder change. But they have also shared the positive aspects of manifesting with a much broader, and younger audience.

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For instance, Chelsea Manigold, Law of Attraction coach, has built up over 40k followers on TikTok for her videos on manifesting love and peace of mind.

“I think manifestation has become so powerful on the platform because it’s reaching audiences who previously may have never been interested in spirituality or manifesting. It’s almost a wake-up call when you see it on your For You Page,” she explains. “Like wait, all this time I have been struggling, I could just change my thoughts and improve my life? Making fun videos on TikTok makes it a bit more digestible so even if you aren’t really a spiritual person you can take something away from it and start to change your life.” She told

Affirmations as stepping stones

Positive affirmations or statements that uplift and inspire people to focus on aims can be helpful in manifesting. Approachable and upbeat, these are helpful starting points for better mental health habits.

For instance, “Your life is already a miracle of chance waiting for you to shape its destiny” novelist Toni Morrison told university graduates during a 2011 commencement speech. Or "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice," William Jennings Bryan.

Sometimes these affirmations are added to inspiring and motivating vision boards, a collage of images or words representing a person’s wishes or goals.