Meet the Sisters Who Dare You to Use the Net for Good

Lauren and Victoria Coaxum want you to Think Before You Type.


Two sisters chatting

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Like any media, the Internet is a conduit that can be used for a multitude of purposes - for spreading news, campaigning for causes, transactions and advertisements to name just a few. To do their little bit for the good of the world around them, teen sisters Lauren and Victoria Coaxum want to make sure that this powerful tool is used for positive purposes. That’s why they co-founded Think Before You Type, an organization which aims to encourage other young people to use the Internet for good, raise awareness about the dangers of cyberbullying, and promote positive self-esteem. To that end, the sisters post monthly dare videos, inspiring their followers to do good deeds such as performing a random act of kindness, setting positive goals and volunteering their time for others.
When they’re not studying - Lauren at university and Tori at high school - or working on Think Before You Type, the two passionate sisters can be found speaking at schools, churches and other community centers about these important issues. Goes to show that age really is just a number.

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