Open a Door to Another City [VIDEO]

A creative travel campaign that is encouraging Parisians to travel to and explore not-so-distant European cities.

Dec 28, 2014

If you take a stroll in the streets of Paris you might encounter a colored door with the name of a European city. If you dared to open said door, you'd find yourself transported to a beautiful city in Europe, directly interacting with locals.
In this uplifting advertisement, one woman opened a purple door, which led her to the Cathedral Square in Milano where she was greeted by a goofy mime, each one mimicking the other in real time. The red door opens to the glorious city of Barcelona at the Port Vell Square where Parsians met a dance troupe and proceeded to – through the virtual portal – bust a move together.
Part of a joint campaign from the railway company SNCF and the ad agency TBWA Paris, “Europe, It’s Just Next Door,” is a clever way to encourage Europeans to travel to the not-so-distant countries within the EU.
Which door would you open?

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