Poetic Kinetics’ Interactive Art Will Leave You Speechless

Dare to dream larger than life

Sep 28, 2016
Caterpillar's Journey was first shown at the Coachella Festival (Poetic Kinetics)

Caterpillar's Journey was first shown at the Coachella Festival (Poetic Kinetics)

Sometimes, there are pieces of art that are just so special - they stop you in your tracks, draw you into the moment, and just leave you in awe. This is one of the goals of Los Angeles-based art group Poetic Kinetics, which has taken the concept of large-scale artwork installations to a whole new level, upping the ante of awe-inspiring displays in public forums, and utilizing functional and sustainable materials all in one fell swoop.

Poetic Kinetics is made up of a group of creatives from different disciplines, each bringing their special expertise into the mix. This allows the artists to learn from each other and encourage one another to find unexpected and unconventional solutions to arising problems in the design process. Displayed everywhere from the Coachella Music Festival and Burning Man, to the Beijing Olympic Games and San Francisco's Exploratorium Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception, Poetic Kinetics combines inspiring cues and tools from nature and technology for otherworldly results.

Their amazing work takes its inspiration from nature, such as a two-part installation of the entire experience of a
caterpillar's journey through self-discovery and emergence as a butterfly, whose wings were covered in 50,000 brilliantly colored flags, to their most recent public installation titled Liquid Shard stretching 1300 square meters across Los Angeles’ Pershing Square.

Poetic Kinetics larger-than-life craftsmanship and fantastical subjects have a way of igniting child-like glee from onlookers - leaving observers entirely inspired, living in the moment, and capturing unforgettable scenes of beauty and interaction with their community.


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